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Best bars to visit and relax

We specialize in sharing the latest and greatest in trending cocktails. Our collection of cocktail recipes is curated to provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your favorite drinks. We believe that a great cocktail is not just about taste, but also about presentation. That’s why we feature a stunning, professional photo of each cocktail to inspire you to create and enjoy a visually appealing drink. Join us and become a cocktail connoisseur in no time!


The Alchemist is a unique and experimental café, bar, lounge and restaurant that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the world of alchemy.

Angel’s Share

Angel's Share is a small, charming cocktail bar in Basel's "Bermuda Triangle" which has already won several awards as "the best bar in Switzerland".

Blau Pause

Blaupause Bar is a small cozy bar where quality, creativity and pleasure meet. They also like to experiment with unusual ingredients to constantly rediscover the fascinating world of flavors.

Werk 8

Werk 8 is a impressive bar, restaurant, and event location where seasonal, regional, and sustainable dishes are served on a space of 800 square meters.


The Bibliothekbar offers a unique experience with regional Poké Bowls and delicious drinks, where bar and culture are combined.


Located in the heart of Kleinbasel, Herz is a minimalist bar serving classic drinks with a focus on regional and seasonal ingredients.


Soho basel offers a unique gastronomic experience spread over three floors and a one of a kind ambience, guests can enjoy cocktails, selected wine and whisky varieties as well as finger food.


Baltazar Bar features a unique and cozy 70s vibe atmosphere where guests can enjoy delicious snacks and an exceptional mixology menu.

Bar Rouge

Top of Switzerland: At a height of 105 meters, at the top of one of the highest buildings in the city, you will find one of the most iconic bars in Basel. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

Hinz und Kunz

Hinz & Kunz is a multiple award-winning bar located in the Markthalle Basel, where they serve not only classic drinks but also exciting own creations in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.