For Night Owls and Connoisseurs

The Bücheli is a bar, café & lounge, stage, and trendy meeting place. All roads lead to Steinenvorstadt.

When looking for a bar in Basel, Bücheli Bar in Steinenvorstadt is a must-visit. With a 20-year history, Bücheli Lounge holds a beautiful tradition and a remarkable reputation. Its central location is not just a meeting point but also stays up-to-date with contemporary trends.

Loved by both young and old, Bücheli Bar is more than just a café. Locally known as “Bücheli,” it has existed in its current form since 2004. However, its tradition as a meeting place and café dates back to 1939. Formerly named “Café Ritz” until 1982, it was a place to see and be seen – a trait that remains unchanged to this day.

Many past and present guests rave about Bücheli’s ambiance. From 1982 to 2004, it was known as “Bücheli,” but in the form of a confectionery with a great reputation. In 2004, it transformed into a new establishment.

Since 2004, Bücheli in Basel has met the demands of a refined and central meeting point, a great bar with an extensive selection of drinks – over 90 different cocktails and more than 500 selected spirits. It also serves as a café, praised by our regulars for its best espresso and cappuccino. Furthermore, it’s a trendy spot for locals and tourists alike, with a certain flair.

Even after the redesign of its premises, Bücheli remains true to itself. The menu offers all our beloved classics, a combination of tradition and modernity, selected bar food, and classic Pinsa Romana.

Every weekend, enjoy live music from well-known DJ talents of the Basel music scene.


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