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No Idea Zurich, located by Zurichsee, is a modern haven where science meets mixology. With a blend of precision and creativity, the bar crafts unique drinks resembling stories. Take, for instance, the Armada De Maluco, a mix of Bozal Ibérico Mezcal and clarified Galia melon soda. It's a promise of unforgettable flavors in a cozy, chic setting—a perfect spot for a night out in Zurich.

no idea

No Idea Zurich, a cool bar that’s all about mixing drinks in a unique way—kind of like a science experiment but without the lab coats. The folks here love making awesome drinks and keeping things cozy. Their goal is pretty simple: mix science precision with the creativity of great drink makers, all in a chill and friendly place.


You’ll find No Idea Zurich right in the lively part of Zurich, super close to the pretty Zurichsee. It’s a spot where you can relax and enjoy some cool cocktails. The place has a modern look, and the drinks are not just tasty but also look pretty fancy. It’s the kind of spot that promises a night out you’ll remember.


At No Idea, they use a science-inspired method to make sure whatever you pick from the menu gives you a taste you won’t forget. The drinks are not just drinks; they’re like stories inspired by famous explorers and cool places. It’s a promise that your taste buds are in for something special.

Selected Cocktail: Armada De Maluco

Bozal Ibérico Mezcal
Annatto berry and malbec wine cordial
Clarified Galia melon soda

Final Thoughts

No Idea is the kind of bar in Zurich where they mix precision, creativity, and moments you won’t forget. The place has a cool vibe, mixing modern looks with tasty and unique cocktails. It’s like a cozy hangout where you can feel right at home. If you’re up for a chill night with some unforgettable drinks, No Idea Zurich is the place to be!


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