Suite Rooftop

Suite Rooftop in Lucerne combines elegant decor, panoramic views, and a menu of international small plates and signature cocktails.

Suite Rooftop


High above the rooftops of Lucerne, the venue offers a stunning panorama of the city, mountains, and lake, creating an atmosphere where time seems to stand still. But it’s not just the breathtaking view that’s impressive; the suite itself is equally stunning. The decor blends modern elements with a touch of Gatsby-style from the 1920s, creating a unique and elegant ambiance.

Here, guests can indulge in a variety of delicious dishes from around the world, elegantly presented on small plates, accompanied by an ever-changing selection of signature cocktails and international finger food. Whether it’s a small gathering or a lavish affair, surprise your guests with delectable small plates, tasty drinks, and the unforgettable view.


Experience an extraordinary adventure at Suite Rofftop, where every visitor is welcomed to enjoy drinks from a specially crafted cocktail menu, tailored just for them. With creations bearing a unique touch, including low-calorie options found in the “Low Calories” section, there’s something to delight every taste. Guests can look forward to monthly rotating cocktails, thoughtfully designed to suit the changing seasons, and optionally paired with delicious offerings from the small plates kitchen.

Embark on a culinary journey with the small plates concept, where people can watch skilled chefs at work in the open kitchen, preparing dishes with care in small tapas vessels. Seductive recipes from around the world await discovery, promising a flavor-packed experience. Join for an unforgettable exploration of taste and ambiance.

Selected Cocktail: Watermelon

A delightful blend crafted to excite your taste buds. This invigorating concoction features the crisp essence of gin, perfectly balanced with the sweet notes of watermelon syrup and the zesty kick of lime cordial. Topped off with a splash of soda, this cocktail is a burst of summer in every sip.

Final Thoughts

Experience Suite Rooftop, where elegance meets panoramic views of Lucerne. From the chic decor blending modern and Gatsby-style elements to the enticing menu featuring international small plates and signature cocktails, every detail is designed to impress. Embark on a culinary journey with chefs preparing delicious dishes in the open kitchen. Don’t miss the “Watermelon” cocktail, a refreshing delight perfect for summertime sipping.


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Suite Rooftop

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