Dalí’s Bar

Dalí's Bar: A vibrant blend of art, history, and exquisite cocktails in the heart of Zurich, embodying surreal charm.

Dalí’s Bar

Dalí’s Bar: A vibrant blend of art, history, and exquisite cocktails in the heart of Zurich, embodying surreal charm.


Welcome to Dalí’s – The bar is run by a young team that has been living in this area for almost 20 years, which was once no man’s land. Back then, there were only Knellen with Aromat on the table. Today, the wasteland is hardly recognizable: hip locales are sprouting like mushrooms from the ground. A surreal situation, hence the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí seemed just right as the namesake. Exquisite drinks, cheerful staff, reasonable prices, and last but not least, an absolutely distinctive retro ambiance make Dalí’s Bar the ideal choice to lift a glass with your friends in a relaxed and lively atmosphere.


Here, the palate is pampered! Besides our popular classic drinks, we elevate the cocktail experience to the next level with our exquisite signatures, fruity kiwis, smoking skull glasses, and of course, our grapefruit cocktail.

Selected Cocktail:

The Salvador! We have honored our namesake with a cocktail that is a delight with every sip: Grapefruit flavored gin meets red vermouth, lime, a bit of sugar, and our self-produced vegan protein, which makes the drink creamy and airy. The art is served with a dried grapefruit, which is also edible.

Final Thoughts

Dalí’s Bar encapsulates Zurich’s vibrant spirit, offering more than just drinks—it’s an experience. Here, art and mixology blend seamlessly, creating a unique ambiance where every sip tells a story. The Salvador, a tribute to the bar’s namesake, exemplifies their commitment to creativity and flavor. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Dalí’s is the go-to spot for unforgettable moments and a taste of Zurich’s eclectic charm.



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Dalí’s Bar

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