Sly Grog

Discover Aussie magic at Sly Grog, Zurich's unique Australian bar nestled in the Outback Lodge. Offering a break from the ordinary, this cozy spot blends chill vibes, laid-back tunes, and warm hospitality. Dive into their menu featuring creative sips like the "Adonis" and the "Corpse Reviver No. 2." Don't miss the allure of the "No Clover Club" cocktail, a tantalizing mix of raspberries, Lyre non-alcoholic gin, and more. For an unforgettable Australian experience in Zurich, Sly Grog is your go-to destination.

Sly Grog

If you’re up for a good time in Zurich, swing by Sly Grog—the cool Australian bar that’s all about good vibes and caring for the environment. They’re keen on giving you a taste of Down Under, whether you’re into regular drinks or something a bit more fancy. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the Aussie magic!


Sly Grog is no ordinary bar; it’s like finding a secret Aussie hideout in the Outback Lodge, close to some famous spots in Zurich. It’s the go-to place if you need a break from sightseeing or just want to hang with your pals. The folks at Sly Grog have put in the effort to make you feel like you’ve stepped into Australia, with chill music, a comfy vibe, and a warm welcome. It’s all about those laid-back Australian feels.


Take a look at Sly Grog’s menu, packed with cool drinks like the “Adonis” and the lively “Corpse Reviver No. 2.” They’ve got the bold “Old Fashioned” and the fruity “No Clover Club” too. So many choices that you’re bound to find something you’ll love. And if you’re into Australian drinks, they’ve got a bunch of Aussie wines, beers, and whiskeys for you to try.

Selected Cocktail: No Clover Club

Ever wondered what makes the “No Clover Club” so special? It’s a mix of fresh raspberries, Lyre non-alcoholic gin, pineapple juice, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and egg white. Yep, that’s the secret recipe!

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, Sly Grog is the go-to place for a fantastic Australian experience right in the middle of Zurich. They care about the environment, and they always make sure their stuff is top-notch. It’s the kind of place where you’ll have a blast, create some memories, and enjoy delicious drinks that’ll stick with you. So, whether you’re into classic sips or daring cocktails, Sly Grog in the Outback Lodge is a must-visit for those after something a bit special. Go check it out!


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Sly Grog

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