Located in the heart of Basel's nightlife scene, Santeria is the place to be for your special occasion. It offers an extensive menu of signature cocktails, great classics, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.



Santeria invites you to experience its youthful, chic, and casually sophisticated ambiance, where a cosmopolitan atmosphere blends seamlessly with an exotic allure. The venue is thoughtfully divided into three distinct spaces: the bar, an indoor lounge, and an inviting outdoor patio.

Beyond being a mere cocktail bar, Santeria extends its offerings starting in mid-September, as it introduces a sushi restaurant located on the venue’s second floor.


Aside from their diverse collection of spirits and liqueurs, the menu features beloved classics like Negroni and Dry Martini, alongside special cocktails crafted by Santeria’s mixologists. Every month, the drink list gets a fresh update, introducing new, unique cocktails inspired by timeless favorites. The drinks are given a modern twist or highlight the seasonal ingredients available throughout the year. The menu adapts with the changing seasons, presenting a selection of five special drinks suitable for various moments, whether it’s a pre-dinner sip or a post-dinner treat.

Final Thoughts

Santeria is the place to celebrate, to enjoy an aperitif accompanied by music, to dine, always in the company of good drinks and a young and cohesive team able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.


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